Companies registration

We register your company in the state department, process your EIN number (Employer Identification) and shareholder’s book.


We carry your monthly business accounting;  issue monthly reports Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet.

Comprehensive accounting, payroll and accounts payable service

Comprehensive accounting service provides owners / managers; Timely financial reports prepared by BGCON Group professionals. The use of our service can be considered as an accounting outsourcing since the company would not need an internal accounting department. 


We do calculations for payroll payment with it’s deductions and contributions by law, issued payroll receipts and reports required by the laws.

Strategic Planning

We support corporations to develop their annual budget and financial plan.

Business valuation

We offer business financial valuation service for ongoing business and new one as well.

Process optimization

We perform study of the current situation, compare with the best practices, evaluate cost-benefit and support implementation.


We have professionals specialized in the area of ​​training.

Talent acquisition

Notarization of Documents

Tax Advice; Tax declarations

We elaborate fiscal planning for  your company; Corporate Tax Declaration, Personal Tax Declaration, Estimated Tax Payments, EIN Process, ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) Process.


We have professionals specialized in the area of ​​training.

Inventory Management / Automation

we implement automation software integrated with ERP systems.