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Yes. Anyone regardless of their immigration status can register a company in the United States.

You do not need to travel to the United States. We do all paperwork for you and send the documentation by mail to your home or office in your country of residence.

Usually 3 to 5 business days.

Once you have received confirmation of the constitution of the corporation (3 to 5 business days) and requested-received the tax identification number (1 business day) you can open the bank account at the bank of your choice.

Yes. With the Company opened  in the United States you will be able to process an Executive Transfer visa called L-1, an Investor Visa called E-B5 and other types of visa. At BGCON Group we have the best Immigration Lawyers in the country.

Yes, All persons appearing on company registration must be in the United States and present at the bank.

We have several options for accounting services, depending on company’s needs or  structure of the business. The basic reports included are Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet.

All corporations established in the United States must declare taxes, depending on the type of corporation INC or LLC members must also declare taxes, at BGCON Group we have professionals in this field that can assist you.